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These longer, more in-depth classes are geared toward traders who are willing to dedicate the time necessary to take their trading education to the next level. These highly focused intensive seminars will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to succeed in the markets.

February 26
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Trade Like a Pro Using Candlesticks*

Steve Chappell, Jerry D'Ambrosio,

To trade like a pro, you need to think like a pro. In this all-new VectorVest course, Steve Chappell and Jerry D'Ambrosio will demonstrate the art of pairing candlesticks and other technical indicators. Like pairing a fine wine with food, you can't just take any wine and pair it with any meal. The same applies with trading.
This course will focus on some of the most reliable candlestick patterns and technical indicators that the pros utilize today. Proven techniques and step-by-step instruction make this course a must-attend event for every trader wanting professional level results in a fraction of the time.
While single candlesticks convey valuable information about the changes in a market's supply and demand balance, a succession of candlesticks taken together, is more pertinent as they form a pattern. These patterns become super charged when we pair them with technical indicators that compliment and confirm the candlesticks themselves.
Steve and Jerry will teach you how to prepare, plan, and think just like the pros do. You will learn how to master the extraordinary techniques developed by legendary traders along with how to balance and manage your trades for the best possible risk/reward scenarios.
Achieve the kind of success only possible by enhancing expert techniques with VectorVest's exclusive searches, ranking, and market-timing analysis.
*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by February 6, $329 per person if purchased after February 6. Includes refreshments.

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Mastering Trading Psychology: Learning from the Best Practices of the Best Traders*

Brett Steenbarger

In this four-hour Master Class, noted clinical psychologist and active trader Brett Steenbarger, PhD, will review a wide range of best practices as they relate to trading and trading psychology, with an emphasis on how-to implementation of the methods. During the latter half of the workshop, he will hold an open group coaching, where participants can share their greatest trading challenges and receive concrete, how-to help for addressing those. Topics covered will include:
Techniques for cultivating your creativity and generating better trading ideas
Techniques for identifying your best trading practices
How to become more process driven in your trading
How to better integrate quantitative and discretionary trading
How to make optimal use of trading checklists and journals
How to deal with disruptive emotions during the trading day
How to stay energized and focused through the trading day
Techniques for dealing with the frustration of losing trades and drawdowns
Techniques for staying positive and constructive during challenging trading periods
How to make the most of teamwork in your trading process
This session will go well beyond theory and surface practice (stay disciplined) to illustrate how you can learn from the example of successful traders. The group coaching will be an excellent opportunity for traders to learn from one another.

*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by February 6, $329 per person if purchased after February 6. Includes refreshments.
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Profitable Day & Swing Trading*

Harry Boxer

Harry Boxer, founder of, will explain the trading tactics that draw on price, volume, and pattern recognition. He will offer the information needed to recognize chart patterns, identify trades, and execute entries and exits that will maximize profits and limit losses. He will also show how his strategies can be applied for both day trading and swing trading.

Harry, with 45 years of successful trading experience, will reveal, in particular, two key aspects of his trading strategy:

1)Identifying "price-volume surges" for use in pinpointing the most lucrative trades and key changes in the trend; and

2)Taking advantage of opening gaps and what to look for in the pattern to achieve more upside after fast early price surges.

Harry will also discuss the volume indicators he uses, including how much volume is trading at any point in time relative to historical volume at that point in the day. He will describe his off-market-hours preparation and watchlist building, sharing his routine for preparing for each trading day, selecting stocks to monitor, and how he keeps track of prices and executes trades.

For anyone who wants to tap into acclaimed trader Harry Boxer's winning tactics, this presentation has it all.

*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by February 6, $329 per person if purchased after February 6. Includes refreshments.

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A Week in the Life of a Successful Forex Trader: Analysis, Strategy, & Tactics*

Juan Maldonado, Jody Samuels,

Do you have a trading routine? Are you focused on your trading business, looking to make serious profits at the end of a trading week? Do you have day trading and swing trading strategies to cover the various market cycles (trend, end of trend, and sideways markets)? Do you have trading tactics to deal with the up-and-down price action?

In this Master Class, veteran forex trader and founder of FX Trader's EDGE Jody Samuels, will get down to business and start the trading week off with a roadmap to analyze the markets, scan for setups, plan the trades, trade the plan, and review the results.

In this intense session, Jody Samuels will teach you some Elliott Wave and Fibonacci tools to identify the market cycles and how to trade them by dipping into the analysis toolbox to learn strategies and tactics for both day and swing trading the forex markets. Brush up on your position-sizing techniques, setting stops, taking profits, and managing positions to maintain that trading edge in the markets. Learn when to be in the markets and when to lay low, getting ready for the next trend move!

Jody will wrap up the session with her colleague, Juan Maldonado, chief Elliott Wave strategist at FX Trader's EDGE, with an interactive exercise to analyze and trade the key forex pairs, demonstrating the principles learned in the session.

*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by February 6, $329 per person if purchased after February 6. Includes refreshments.

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February 27
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How to Trade Better in 2017*

Alexander Elder

With the new year ahead of us, it is time to upgrade your trading. Learn how to perform at your full potential and take more profits than losses from the markets. Treat yourself to a first-class workshop by a professional trader and one of the world's top teachers of trading, Dr. Alexander Elder. In this four-hour Master Class, he will address several key topics:

Psychology: discipline is the essential factor in your success or failure. Discover the best tool for developing discipline.

Technical analysis: your charts reflect mass behavior. Learn to select a small number of indicators to track crowd behavior, follow trends, and anticipate reversals.

Two trading systems: one for trading trends, the other for trend reversals. You will learn both, and your choice will depend on two factors: the current phase of the market and your personal style. It's psychology again: some people's minds are better suited for trading trends while others prefer trading reversals. Dr. Elder will show you examples of both.

Risk control: how to manage risk for survival and success-in every single trade and in your account as a whole.

This class will focus on decision-making in the current markets. Rather than using PowerPoints that show the past, Dr. Elder will use trading software and current data to illustrate all key points.

*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by February 6, $329 per person if purchased after February 6. Includes refreshments.

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My Six Absolute-Best Futures-Timing Triggers*

Jake Bernstein

If you're a serious, rule-based, futures trader with an interest in learning from Jake Bernstein's 50 years of accumulated trading knowledge and expertise then don't miss this absolutely fantastic four-hour learning experience.

Jake made his first trade in 1967 and has become one of the most well-known names in the futures business. He is a real trader who trades what he teaches and teaches what he trades. In this highly focused class Jake will teach you his six best market timing triggers designed for futures traders, but also applicable to stocks and forex. Jake is a rules-based trader who uses 100% objective trading rules, specific indicators, and valid patterns to generate high-probability trading opportunities. Follow Jake's work by learning methods that have gained him an international following, as well as the respect of many top traders in the business who regularly access his research and indicators. Not only will you learn the rules and see them in operation with clear consistent examples, but Jake will also share various track records with you showing you how his indicators perform.

Fees for Jake's mentoring services are in the five-figure range, and his seminars generally cost hundreds of dollars per attendee. Here's your opportunity to see Jake at a small fraction of the price and learn from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced traders in the world. He will feature everything from day trading to short-term trading and investing.

*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by February 6, $329 per person if purchased after February 6. Includes refreshments.

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February 28
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Live Trading in the Dark Pool with the Stock Whisperer*

Stefanie Kammerman

In this unique four-hour trading session, Stefanie Kammerman aka the stock Whisperer will take you inside her live trading room by sharing her screen with you during market hours. She will teach you how she finds her highest-probability trade set-ups, using pre-market price action along with the Dark Pool volume. You'll learn how to map out various trades along with how to scale in and scale out for maximum profits.

Stefanie will share the secret levels stocks trade on, as well as how to spot where the big players are buying and selling along with how they execute trades of thousands of shares without moving their stock up or down. This could take years to learn by yourself, but Stefanie is going to teach you this in just a matter of minutes.

You'll learn how to compare stocks with ETFs along with futures on gold, silver, natural gas, oil, and E-minis to increase your success rate. Stefanie will show you how to find the highest probability short-term option trades using the Dark Pool prints.

Stefanie comes to the table with over 22 years of experience trading around and in the Dark Pool. She has called the last 10 corrections before they happened on social media, and she will show you exactly how she does it along with how she has achieved a 93% success rate on her popular free YouTube video The Whisper of the Day.

Whether you're a day trader, short-term trader, or long-term investor, this special four-hour live trading session will take your trading to a whole different level.

*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by February 6, $329 per person if purchased after February 6. Includes refreshments.
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The Three Things That You'll Need to Become a Successful Stock Trader*

Dave Landry

To be successful as a stock trader, you obviously must first pick the best stocks using the best setups. Therefore, in this Master Class, Dave Landry, CEO,, will show you how to identify existing and emerging trends that are poised to make short-term explosive moves, which can then lead to longer-term gains. That's just one piece of the puzzle though. You'll also need money management and the proper mindset.

Without a solid money management plan, you're doomed from the start. Therefore, using Dave's hybrid approach to trade management, he'll show you how to map out a detailed plan keep that will keep your losses in check while still allowing for potentially unlimited gains.

The best methodology in the world is useless without the proper mindset to follow it. And, If you are having difficulties, don't worry. It's not you. Dave will show you why we are simply not made to trade on both a physiological and psychological levels. He'll then show you specific steps that you can take to overcome these psychological pitfalls.

In summary, you'll learn how to recognize the best stocks that are poised to make explosive short-term swing-type moves and a solid money management plan to stay with them when they turn into longer-term trends. You'll also learn how to develop the proper mindset for trading.

This Maser Class will be intensive but don't worry. It is not "one and done." Dave is going to provide you with his exact trading plan for three months (normally $197 per month), and he will make himself available for any follow-up questions.

*SAVE $50-$279 per person if purchased by February 6, $329 per person if purchased after February 6. Includes refreshments.

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