EXPERT OPINIONS: 2017 trading opportunities with Futures and Option

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6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


February 26, 2017


Westside Ballroom 1-2

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Session Description

Join industry experts Jim Iuorio, Scott Martin, Jeff Kilburg and Jon Najarian for an evening on using Futures and Options on Futures with a live, extended version of their current shows "Market Movers" and "Striking Options".

What You Will Learn by Attending

Our experts will discuss key events of 2017 including Earning Releases, Nonfarm Payrolls, FOMC announcements, global market activity, and explore trading opportunities with Futures and Options on Futures.






Agenda February 26


Paul Kamhout

The Traders Expo New York will kick off with a welcome from our industry experts, Jim Iuorio, Scott Martin, Jon "DRJ" Najarian, and Jeff Kilburg. They will provide an overview of CME Group, the world's leading derivatives marketplace, and how to use futures as a tool to enhance your portfolio.

Market Movers

Jim Iuorio, Scott Martin,

Join industry experts Jim Iuorio and Scott Martin for a live, extended version of their current show Market Movers, a weekly show on mitigating risk and creating trade opportunities using futures and options on futures during market periods of event-driven volatility.

Striking Options

Jeff Kilburg, Jon Najarian,

Join industry experts Jeff Kilburg and Jon Najarian for a live, extended version of their current show, Striking Options, a new show that discusses current stock and market activity and the use of futures and options to manage and complement existing equity positions, as well as creating new desired exposure.

Q&A with Four Industry Experts

Jim Iuorio, Paul Kamhout, Jeff Kilburg, Scott Martin, Jon Najarian,

The presentations will be followed by this question-and-answer session where the audience is invited to ask questions of our industry experts, hosted by Paul Kamhout.

Closing Statements

Paul Kamhout

Closing statements will provide insight into how to create sustainable opportunities, goals for trading futures, and how to move forward after the Expo.